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I had an unexpected day off today (yes, another one!). The highway I use to get to where my client lives was shut down due to an overturned truck spilling chemicals all over the road. Traffic was horrible, this highway (the trans-canada highway #40) is the main highway that leads into the City of Montreal, so on a normal day there's already a lot of traffic using that highway, but add an accident and that's it, total gridlock. Lucky for me I was able to get off at an exit and make my way back home again. No way was I sitting in non-moving traffic for hours and hours.

Since I had some spare time on my hands, I decided to be productive... I made two men banners *g* (I also read and caught up on some TV shows. Who out there is lovin' Hawaii Five-O? *raises hand*). I'm also posting a few men pics because... well, because they're pretty *smiles*

Now I need to go figure out what to make myself and Kip for dinner. Have a good evening everyone! *hugs*

banners and pics are this way... )

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Since today was a rainy, lazy day, I had some time to play in photoshop. Here are three banners that I made. If anyone wants one of them personalized, let me know and I'll be glad to do it for you.

Banner size: 900 x 350
Credit: [ profile] clmiles

Note 1: Please take if you like, just be sure to credit me
Note 2: Feedback always appreciated

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