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I wanted to let all of you know that my Wicked Wednesday Pics and my Men Icons are now behind an f-lock and can no longer be viewed by everyone and their uncle. This is something I should have done when I first started this journal, but it kept slipping my mind. Since my pics and icons are often very graphic and explicit, I feel I should adhere to LiveJournal's abuse policy on adult content not being accessible to minors, which my posts had been *is a naughty girl*. I may even eventually make this journal a 'friends only' journal, but for now I'll go with the f-lock posts.

All of you who are on my flist have been added to my f-lock lists, so you shouldn't have any problem viewing the pics and icons. If you can't view them and would like to, be sure to send me a PM telling me to add you. If you're able to see the graphics, and wish not to, please PM me and I'll be sure to remove you from the f-lock list.

Also, if you are someone who has been viewing the pics and icons, but are not on my flist, I'm sorry, but you'll have to 'friend' me now in order to see them, and you'll have to have your birthday viewable on your profile page so I know you're not underage.

/end of announcement

I now return you to your regularly LJ frolicking and fun *g*

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